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Examining best practices in accessibility

Accessibility and preservation of monuments


Accessibility and preservation of monuments


The (possible) relationship between accessibility and preservation of monuments (may 2010)

The full accessibility of services and society is more than ever a current topic. Early 2010 was also the start of a new regulation about accessibility. It must respond to challenges like aging, social inclusion of people with disabilities, the social trend towards a longer and independent way of living, an assertive but also more diverse population, etc…
There is a strong demand for more and better accessible sites. How do we improve the accessibility of monuments and historic buildings? Are there workable solutions as an awnser to the real problems, without losing the authenticity of a monument? Are there limits to the accessibility? And how to express that?
We’re facing these questions, both in Ghent and Flanders.
The city of Gent led services (in terms of welfare, architecture, conservation, construction) and experts from home and abroad together to work on this theme.

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