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Examining best practices in accessibility

Accessible employment


Accessible employment

Workshop and lunch discussion

Having a job in our active society also lies at the basis of individual development and social participation. Quite a few fellow citizens are currently unemployed. What is the situation for persons with a disability?
The Gent Municipality rallied ‘hands-on’ experts, local organisations from the field of action and European Tackling Social Exclusion partners.
During the first part of the day programme, regular employment opportunities were highlighted. By means of an interactive programme and the offered ‘Diner in the dark’, ‘hands-on’ experts demonstrated the opportunities of visually impaired.
In the afternoon, we examined job opportunities within the social economy: protected, supported and enclave job opportunities. To this effect, we visited the Sheltered Workshop Ryhove. A succinct presentation was followed by a guided tour with explanation.
During a debate, we reviewed on the experiences of that day. Owing to the active contributions of all parties involved, this was the ideal moment to make comparisons and to exchange expertise. Critical elements of success and bottlenecks were being discussed.

The job opportunities for persons with a disability inside the City of Gent were examined during the lunch discussion 'Together extraordinarily able! Does your colleague also have a disability?'.


Various organizations who are active in the Gent region, are promoting the access to employment for persons with disabilities 

The conclusions of the study, the report of the lunch conversation with accompanying PowerPoint presentation and the presentations of the organizations can be found under 'factsheets Gent'