Tackling Social Exclusion Report


Below are downloadable versions of project documentation, click on the links to open and save copies. 

REPORT (Including case studes)

Tackling Social Exclusion report (PDF - 3,252KB)


Individual case studies

Gent - Accessibility (PDF - 309KB)

Gent - Employment (PDF - 242KB)

Rotterdam - Human Being Management (PDF - 331KB)

Rotterdam - Roteb (PDF - 356KB)

Rotterdam - Durable Procurement (PDF - 270KB)

Southampton - Connect (PDF - 296KB)

Southampton - Welfare Reform (PDF - 283KB)

Southampton - Commissioning for Inclusion (PDF - 448KB)




The project has produced the following toolkits. The toolkits aim to be a guide for other organisations who would like to carry out similar activities.

Gent - Accessible Communication for All (PDF - 335KB)

Rotterdam - Demand led Employment Services (PDF - 265KB)

Rotterdam - Recording a Video CV (PDF - 214KB)

Southampton - Pathway to employment (PDF - 288KB)

Southampton - Engaging with people in disadvantaged communities (PDF - 381KB)


Evaluation Reports


Below are downloadable versions of the project evaluation documents for each city, click on the links to open and save copies.

Southampton (PDF - 271KB)

Rotterdam (PDF - 398KB)



Tackling Social Exclusion Conference Resources

Conference Poster

Below are presentations and resources from the conference held in November 2011, click on the links to open and save copies.


TSE Conference Introduction - Video Message from Mr Andor EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


Introduction - Dawn Baxendale (PDF - 649KB)

Keynote Speaker - Geoff Glover (PDF - 3,976 KB)

Ronald Dekker (PDF - 488KB)

Viviane Soree (PDF - 256KB)

Boyd Wood (PDF - 145KB)

Jonathan Flory (PDF - 1,193KB)

Marie-Andree Avraam (PDF - 238KB)



Agenda & Biographies (PDF - 233KB)