Rotterdam (NL)

Examining best practices in employment



SeeMe@work is a collaboration between SeeMe and DAAD, where employers and job-seekers can connect in a unique way. Within a year, 2000 potential employees will be have their movie made in order to reach out to employers.
Job-seekers present themselves, their capabilities, and their ambitions in a 1 minute movie. On the website, employers can search for candidates, look at their movies, and get in touch with them.
The strength of the SeeMe@work project is that it connects people in an authentic and efficient way: seeing somebody has more impact than reading about them!

We have prepared 4 short videos that show the SeeMe@work project in practice: the first is a trailer where an employer, two SeeMe@work trainers and a DAAD manager present their story:
SeeMe@work trailer

And two videos that show the SeeMe@work's concept in action:

And finally, a demonstration of the employers' side of the SeeMe@work website:
SeeMe@work screencast