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Catering training programme


Catering training programme

Background, context and reasons why the project is needed.

  • To provide training and work experience to individuals (who are not suited to more traditional routes into employment) in a catering environment
  • To expand the opportunities open to disabled people in Southampton (no similar scheme exists)

What are the project’s

  • To join together a number of new and existing services – providing a step-by-step approach to training, from the most basic, through to advanced
  • To provide individually tailored training and work experience

How will it be approached?

  • Development of a training kitchen at Rosebrook Court
  • Development of a training kitchen at Freemantle Community Centre
  • Development of training packages for Rosebrook, Freemantle and Stella Maris
  • Development of system for measuring achievement / accreditation
  • Set up a referall system between services
  • Making and maintaining links with relevant employers
  • Providing individually tailored support between and into services

What is the scope of the project? / What are its boundaries?


  • Development of the infrastructure needed for the catering training (but not cost of the the buildings or equipment)
  • Development of the catering training services for all Southampton Day Services bases
  • Training of staff to fulfill the required roles
  • Developing, testing and implementing training packages
  • Work with individuals to get them through the training system and out into sustainable, open employment

What are the intended outcomes? 

How can these be measured?

What are the critical success factors?

  • Implement accredited and bespoke training packages for all catering bases within the project
  • 10 people receiving employment training in a catering environment
  • 8 people moving between services
  • 10 people making measurable progress
  • 2 people moving into open, paid employment or further training

Are there any constraints?

  • Staff resources
  • Time to implement first phase (Jan 09 – Oct 10)

Are you making any assumptions?

  • There is adequate demand for the service
  • Movement between services can be measured during this phase