Southampton (GB)

Examining best practices in inclusion

Services for groups with higher support needs


Services for groups with higher support needs

Background, context and reasons why the project is needed.

  • One size fits all approach has been used in the past – offering the same service to those less able to work independently
  • Service has become strained by high support needs of individuals placed in unsustainable settings

What are the project’s

  • To provide settings for meaningful, work focussed activities for groups of individuals 
  • For individuals to become more involved in working in and contributing to the local community and community based services
  • To record appropriate progression for individuals

How will it be approached?

  • Establish areas of common interest
  • Approach relevant employers / services / community organisations
  • Develop appropriate meaningful work-related tasks
  • Trial group
  • Develop group if successful

What is the scope of the project? / What are its boundaries?


  • Assessment of interests
  • Development of activities
  • Set up, trial and evaluation of groups
  • Individually tailored support to individuals 

What are the intended outcomes?  / How can these be measured? / What are the critical success factors?

  • Set up a minimum of three work-focused activity groups
  • Work with a minimum of ten individuals
  • Develop action plans and assess the progression of ten individuals

Are there any constraints?

  • Staff resources
  • Time to implement first phase (Jan 09 – Oct 10)
  • Budget for materials

Are you making any assumptions?

  • Availability of suitable activities